‘We’re In It Together For The Long Haul’

John S.

Regional Sales Manager, Northern Europe

Cheadle, UK

I consider myself more of a teacher than a sales guy. I enjoy telling our representatives and their customers about new advances in plate heat exchangers, and what they have been doing around the world to help actual customers. I love seeing the “lights come on” when they understand the capabilities our units have compared with the old technology they are used to and have been really suffering with. Then, there’s nothing compared with following up with customers after installation and commissioning, when the performance numbers come in. We nearly always “under-promise,” and the actual numbers make them a real “hero” within their companies.

On another note, Tranter understands I have a life outside the company. They allow me to work my travel schedule around my family needs, and “have my back” when on the rare occasion a scheduled meeting has to be postponed because something outside comes up. They understand that we’re “in it together” for the long haul.