Pulp and paper industry

Heat exchangers for the pulp and paper industry


Pioneering advancements in energy optimization, our efforts elevate efficiency and sustainability for the pulp and paper production processes like pulping, steam generation, and paper drying. Tranter’s plate heat exchangers provide precise temperature control during the pulping stages, ensuring optimal conditions for the fiber separation and chemical reactions.

Pulp and paper industry

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Pulp and paper industry

Applications within the pulp and paper industry

Paper drying

Heat exchangers are employed in paper drying machines to remove moisture from the paper web. They provide the necessary heat to evaporate water from the paper surface, ensuring proper drying and improving paper quality.

Pulping process

Heat exchangers are utilized in the pulping process, where wood chips or other raw materials are converted into pulp. Tranter’s efficient plate heat exchangers help control temperatures during the pulping stages, such as chemical pulping (kraft or sulphite processes) or mechanical pulping (refining or grinding), ensuring optimal conditions for fibre separation and chemical reactions, while being easy to maintain and adjust for changed process conditions.

Steam generation

The pulp and paper industry requires significant amounts of steam for various purposes, including drying paper, heating processes, and power generation. Tranter’s plate heat exchangers are employed in steam generation systems to transfer heat from hot gases or liquids to water, producing steam efficiently, thus improving the total economy and sustainability of the plant.


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Our comprehensive understanding of heat exchangers goes beyond just maintenance and usage. We offer tailored recommendations and innovative solutions to optimize your system's performance, reduce energy consumption, and extend the lifespan of your equipment. Our goal is to not only enhance your operational efficiency but also to ensure the long-term health and reliability of your heat exchangers. Trust Tranter to provide expert insights that keep your systems running smoothly and cost-effectively.


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Driven by sustainable and efficient design innovations, our Research and Development team focuses on enhancing thermal-hydraulic performance, pressure capabilities, and materials science to advance heat exchanger technology.

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