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Petrochemical heat exchangers


Tranter’s gasketed and welded plate heat exchangers are used in various applications in petrochemical and chemicals plants, driving innovations in energy efficiency, setting new benchmarks in safety, and being instrumental to help make the industry more sustainable.

Petrochemicals and chemicals

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Petrochemicals and chemicals

Our core specialties

Ethylene oxide & ethylene glycol (EO/EG)

Ethylene oxide is crucial in the petrochemical industry as an intermediate in the manufacturing of plastics, fibers and other downstream chemicals and ethylene glycols, marking its importance in the global chemical supply chain. Tranter’s gasketed and welded plate heat exchangers are employed in process heating and cooling applications as well as in heat recovery of the recycled water, improving the economy and sustainability of the plant. Tranter have experience with many major process licensors such as SD (Scientific Design), shell and dow chemicals.


Polyethylene (PE) & Polypropylene (PP)

Various production processes exist for polyethylene and polypropylene with some general similarities, one being the importance of efficient and reliable plate heat exchangers. Tranter’s gasketed an welded plate heat exchangers are employed for jacket and reaction mixture cooling as overhead condensers on the ethylene purification column and in the solvent recovery system. Tranter’s wide gap plate heat exchangers are good fit for cooling of pellet water, mixtures and extruders.


Petrochemicals and chemicals

More applications within the petrochemical and chemical industry

Aromatic chemicals

Aromatics, which includes benzene, toluene and xylene, are needed to produce an extensive range of everyday products. Aromatics are commonly produced by chemical synthesis. Tranter’s gasketed and welded plate heat exchangers are essential in this energy intense process as condensers, trim coolers, interchangers/preheaters, and reboilers.

Organic chemicals

Ensuring precise temperature regulation of corrosive liquids or the condensation of corrosive gases necessitates the use of heat exchangers. These devices adeptly transfer energy between fluid streams, safeguarding against corrosion. In the chemical sector, heat exchangers find diverse applications tailored to specific needs.

Polymers and fibers

In the production of polymers and plastics from petrochemical feedstocks, heat exchangers are used to control temperatures during polymerization reactions. They ensure that the reaction proceeds optimally without overheating or cooling too much.

Utilities and water treatment

A closed loop of cooling medium, normally water or water/glycol mixture is used for all the different cooling duties in petrochemical and chemical plants. The cooling medium is cooled by seawater in gasketed plate and frame heat exchangers to avoid using corrosive and erosive seawater inside the process. Tranter’s plate and frame heat exchangers are optimal for large cooling medium cooler duties, capable of handling close temperature approaches and large volumes with minimum plot space requirements. The wastewater from the plants is treated to be reintroduced to the process or back to the source. Plate heat exchangers are a good choice for wastewater treatment plants as they reducing fouling tendencies and are easy to open for maintenance.


Exploring carbon capture and green hydrogen?

To reach the NetZero goals, petrochemical and chemical plants are looking to reduce the CO2 emissions. Post combustion CO2 capture to petrochemical and chemical plants involves removing CO2 from gas streams using continuous absorption with regenerable solvents, crucial for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change. Tranter leads in providing heat exchangers for carbon capture, ensuring your plant operates safely and reliably.

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