Accessible worldwide for markets with high energy demands

Welded block heat exchanger

Enhance your durability and boost your energy efficiency.


Tranter NovusBloc® welded block heat exchanger

Welded block heat exchanger fully meets the needs of the global energy intensive market, achieving a double leap in heat transfer performance and service life in related processes.

Welded block heat exchanger

Novel plate design

Our design, protected by patent, delivers unparalleled weld quality and durability, standing up to fluctuating pressure and temperature without adding extra pressure loss.


Brave the toughest environments

Withstand challenging conditions

Engineered to perform under challenging conditions, whether dealing with single-phase or two-phase flow scenarios. The absence of gaskets for fluid separation eradicates concerns over fluid compatibility, even with the most aggressive substances.


Astonishing endurance

Fully accessible for cleaning

The NovusBloc® design ensures complete accessibility for thorough mechanical cleaning and detailed visual inspections from every angle.


Unmatched dependability

Accessible worldwide for markets with high energy demands

Tranter's premium design enhances heat exchange efficiency and durability.


Wide range of applications

Through rigorous testing for heat transfer, pressure, and temperature fatigue, the NovusBloc® has proven its remarkable ability to offer a more compact, lighter, and efficient design while enhancing durability for diverse applications.


Fully accessible for mechanical cleaning and visual inspection

The NovusBloc® stands out with its unparalleled accessibility for mechanical cleaning and visual inspections on both sides, solidifying its status as the go-to heat exchanger for our customers facing challenges with high fouling.


Withstand tough design conditions

The NovusBloc® stands resilient against the most challenging design environments, offering heat transfer plates customizable in a variety of materials.

Welded block heat exchanger

Technical information

No. Model Max Connection Size Max Unit Height (mm) Max Flowrate(m³/h)
01 TB030 DN 150 / ANSI 6” 1400 380
02 TB050 DN 300 / ANSI 12” 2150 1520
03 TB075 DN 500 / ANSI 20” 3475 4250
04 TB120 DN 1000 / ANSI 40” 3570 16980

Welded block heat exchanger

Design specifications

No. Item Minimum Maximum
01 HTA (m2/set)HTA (m2/set) 6,6 865
02 Design temperature (°C) - 50 350
03 Design pressure (bar) FV. 42
04 Design Code ASME, EN, JIS

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Energy, Process industries Energy, Heating and cooling Marine and shipbuilding

Welded block heat exchanger - Reducing your total cost of ownership

The NovusBloc® offers outstanding potential for reduced unit size, weight and footprint with increased durability in a wide range of applications.

Energy, Process industries Marine and shipbuilding Energy, Heating and cooling

Welded block heat exchanger - Easy maintenance

The NovusBloc® is fully accessible for mechanical cleaning and visual inspection making it our customers’ first choice of heat exchanger for applications with high fouling tendency and high operating temperatures.  

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Tranter’s compact plate heat exchangers are used in various energy intense industrial applications. Let’s take a look at how plate heat exchangers can be used in the production of green hydrogen and in the hydrogen value chain. 


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When conditions are tough, think plates instead of tubes

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Plate and frame for maximum efficiency

Optimum performance is a promise Tranter has been fulfilling for many decades with the Superchanger® plate and frame heat exchanger.


Innovation and product development

Driven by sustainable and efficient design innovations, our Research and Development team focuses on enhancing thermal-hydraulic performance, pressure capabilities, and materials science to advance heat exchanger technology.

Tranter Fullserv® – Full support for every brand

Our comprehensive understanding of heat exchangers goes beyond just maintenance and usage. We offer tailored recommendations and innovative solutions to optimize your system's performance, reduce energy consumption, and extend the lifespan of your equipment. Our goal is to not only enhance your operational efficiency but also to ensure the long-term health and reliability of your heat exchangers. Trust Tranter to provide expert insights that keep your systems running smoothly and cost-effectively.

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