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Tranter China joins hands with Jinmao to create a new model of sustainability

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Recently, the world-renowned heat exchange solutions supplier, Tranter achieved a partnership with China Jinmao, the platform-based operating arm of Sinochem Group in the field of “city operations”, whereby a supremely innovative plate heat exchanger solution will be first undertaken in the Jinmao Building, Changsha.


The Jinmao Building will innovatively run through commercial A/C and hot water plate heat exchangers and heat exchanger systems for commercial A/C chilled water plates by installing over 20 units of plate heat exchangers. This achieves new heights for energy performance and safety in the industry, thereby becoming a benchmark and model for sustainability and the green economy.


Project Background

The Jinmao Building is located in Meixi Lake International New Town, in the Central Business District of Xiangjiang New Area, Hunan, with a footprint covering 18,500 square meters and a total floor area of 210,000 square meters, and it is planned to consist of one 63-storey super Class A office building 318 meters high and a 4-storey commercial annex building.


As a premium high-rise commercial office building project, the safety, energy efficiency, and sustainability of the building are the top priorities that must be considered in its construction and design. As a globally preeminent heat exchange solutions supplier, Tranter became the preferred choice for cooperation with the Jinmao Building for its safe and reliable localized and customized heat exchange solutions.


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Adaptive, Innovative Planning

As industry leaders advocating the green economy, China Jinmao and Tranter have adaptively designed a customized HVAC system that fully adapts to Changsha’s current situation wherein the air-conditioned season is apparently longer than the heating season, which optimizes the heat transfer process and reduces the energy input required for processes, thereby helping generate both environmental and economic benefits.


Moreover, this project will innovatively resolve the common pain points within the industry, including highly populated offices and commercial buildings and high loads on equipment lighting, by trying to implement transitional, seasonal fresh air whenever possible to deal with indoor loads during the transition season. This will increase the heat recovery efficiency, minimizing the environmental impact, saving electricity costs, and achieving sustainable development for the building. The solid structure also helps ensure the long-term reliability and stability of the product and minimize leakage and operational failure. It is designed specifically for demanding industrial environments with high pressure-bearing performance requirements and can minimize leakage and operational failure and ensuring the smooth operation of processes.


Both Highly Safe and Reliable

Tranter’s innovative plate heat exchanger is both reliable and stable in the long term, thanks to its rigorous quality management system and quality control process as well as its solid structure.


Moreover, whether chilled water or hot water in large buildings, Tranter plate heat exchangers will precisely meet various temperature requirements, ensuring the smooth running of processes, while also continuously providing the customer with heat exchange solutions featuring operational stability, reliable performance, and matched pressure bearing.


“In the context of Chinese-styled modernization, we proactively integrate world-leading advantageous resources driven by innovative technology, for sustainable, high-quality development. We are very pleased that we have reached a high consensus with Tranter about the future industry landscape, and both sides, being like-minded partners, are expected to jointly accelerate the urbanization process and the national modernization drive and achieve greater commercial and social value.” Project director within China Jinmao.