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Our marine and shipbuilding expertise is anchored in specialized experience, technical innovation, and a dedication to quality and sustainability. We offer reliable, efficient heat exchanger solutions for commercial vessels, naval ships, offshore platforms, and more, tailored to the unique needs of our marine customers.

  • Product range: Featuring Gasketed plate heat exchanges, Shell and plate, and Welded block heat exchangers crucial for marine-intensive markets.

  • Global strategy: At Tranter, our global yet compact team promotes accessibility and collaboration, ensuring every customer enjoys a customized and impactful experience.

  • Customer focus: Offering both high-end customized solutions and cost-effective options to meet diverse customer needs.

  • Innovation that enhances energy efficiency: Discover our solutions that enhance energy efficiency and promote sustainable practices, cutting waste and costs while empowering you with innovative tools for a more sustainable future.

  • Service for every brand: Capable of servicing both Tranter and non-Tranter heat exchangers.

Tranter's extensive worldwide expertise

We are dedicated to providing support for the following industries

Bulk carriers

Bulk carriers handle unpackaged goods such as grain, coal, and cement, whereas chemical carriers transport chemicals and gases in tanks, both strictly complying to stringent safety and environmental rules due to their hazardous loads.

Container vessels

As a cornerstone of global trade, container ships revolutionize how goods are transported across the seas, ushering in a new era of maritime freight with their remarkable efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


LNG carriers are specifically designed to transport liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is predominantly methane. LPG carriers are designed to transport liquefied petroleum gases, including propane, butane, and mixtures of these gases.

Merchant vessels

Merchant vessels, crucial to the marine industry, transport goods and passengers globally, bolstering international trade, economic growth, and market connectivity.

Navy/Coast guards vessels

Navy and coast guard vessels are integral components of maritime security and defense, tasked with protecting coastal waters, enforcing maritime laws, conducting search and rescue operations, and projecting military power at sea.

Offshore support vessels

Offshore support vessels (OSVs) are specialized ships that support offshore oil and gas operations, including exploration, production, construction, and maintenance. They are integral to the offshore energy industry.


Tankers, specialized in transporting liquid cargo like crude oil and chemicals, are vital to the global energy supply chain, moving commodities from production to consumption worldwide.


Our heat exchangers for the marine and shipbuilding industry

Enhancing maritime safety with efficient heat exchangers.


Innovation and development

Driven by sustainable and efficient design innovations, our Research and Development team focuses on enhancing thermal-hydraulic performance, pressure capabilities, and materials science to advance heat exchanger technology.

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