Plate Heat Exchangers for Marine

Global network of marine experts and service centers

When conditions are tough, crew and equipment are really put to the test. The main engine oil cooler and central freshwater cooler simply have to work. There is no room for compromise when the sea is rough and the harbor far away.

Tranter offers you reliable, compact, and efficient plate heat exchangers that are easy to service and maintain. So, it’s no wonder they can be found on board countless vessels all around the world – from luxury yachts to huge container vessels, supertankers and offshore rigs.
Tranter offers an extensive range of gasketed plate heat exchangers specially designed for marine applications. This, combined with our extensive experience and solid technical expertise within marine and industrial applications, makes us a reliable partner.

Tranter has a global network of service centers that offers quick and reliable maintenance of your heat transfer equipment. Malfunctions and changes in heat transfer can have severe consequences on operational costs and may affect the product quality. Regular service and maintenance safeguard your heat exchanger’s condition and allow you to maintain the optimum performance. Tranter has service centers located worldwide, and are ready to assist with OEM plates, gaskets, assembled plate packs, cleaning services and replacement units to get your vessel back at optimum performance. With Tranter authorized service, you can always be sure that you get the right gaskets, the right plates with our OEM guarantee and expert service.

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Tranter maintenance and service partnership programs, to avoid an emergency service at sea


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