Plate Heat Exchangers for Marine

Plate heat exchangers optimize thermal systems on platforms and vessels. Significant successful upgrades include various closed-circuit cooling systems at sea, as well as for fresh water production and HVAC systems. Titanium plates significantly enhance durability and long-lasting, uninterrupted performance in corrosive seawater cooling duties.

Compact size and weight simplify disassembly for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.


Complete and Efficient Vapor Condensation With Noncondensibles Separation

Hot Condensate Cooling Recycles Maximum Heat to Desalination

Shell & Plate Units Comprise Compact LPG Reliquefaction Systems

Compact Central Fresh Water Coolers with Titanium Plates use Seawater to Cool Secondary Fresh Water Circuit

Reduce Footprint And Dead Weight From Keel to Upper Works in Standard Thermal Duties