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Our heating and cooling expertise originates from specialized experience, innovation, and a dedication to quality and sustainability. For commercial manufacturing, refrigeration, data centers, and more, we provide reliable, efficient heat exchanger solutions tailored to our customers unique needs.

  • Product range: Featuring Gasketed plate heat exchanges, Shell and plate, and Welded block heat exchangers crucial for energy-intensive markets.

  • Global strategy: At Tranter, our global yet compact team promotes accessibility and collaboration, ensuring every customer enjoys a customized and impactful experience.

  • Customer focus: Offering both high-end customized solutions and cost-effective options to meet diverse customer needs.

  • Innovation that enhances energy efficiency: Discover our solutions that enhance energy efficiency and promote sustainable practices, cutting waste and costs while empowering you with innovative tools for a sustainable future.

  • Service for every brand: Capable of servicing both Tranter and non-Tranter heat exchangers.

Tranter's global expertise

We are dedicated to providing support for the following industries

Data centers

Let’s take a look at how Tranter’s plate and frame heat exchangers can be used to make the datacenters more sustainable.

Genset and cogeneration

A genset combines an engine and alternator for reliable backup power, while cogeneration produces electricity and heat from one fuel source efficiently. In these systems, heat exchangers a crucial. 

HVAC heating and cooling

The heat exchanger is essential for all heating and cooling systems to transfer thermal energy between mediums. Lets explore important factors to consider when choosing a heat exchanger for your application and what you can do to ensure the long-term health of your heating and cooling system.

Manufacturing and machinery

Manufacturing and machinery play crucial roles in producing the components, equipment, and systems needed for thermal management applications.


Refrigeration, essential in the heating and cooling industry, removes heat to cool spaces or substances, supporting food preservation, industrial processes, air conditioning, and medical storage.


Semiconductors are a foundational technology in modern electronics and computing, playing a pivotal role in a wide range of devices and applications. Plate heat exchangers are essential in semiconductor manufacturing processes.


Our heat exchangers for the heating and cooling industry

Enhancing heating and cooling efficiency with heat exchangers


Innovation and development

Driven by sustainable and efficient design innovations, our Research and Development team focuses on enhancing thermal-hydraulic performance, pressure capabilities, and materials science to advance heat exchanger technology.

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