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In the modern world of tight capital, materials and energy resources, Tranter technology is conserving all three. For example, some of our recent plate patterns bring new meaning to optimized heat transfer and pressure drop:

  • New heights in thermal efficiency
  • Additional energy savings through reduced pumping costs
  • Optimized shear stress values to minimize fouling tendencies
  • Minimized maintenance burdens and facility downtime
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The close approach of our exchangers with tall plates enables maximum economizing heat recovery. Low hold-up volume and high heat transfer coefficients make our exchangers fast responding for tight control, valuable in both the HVAC and process worlds.

Tranter offers customers worldwide creative ways to harness thermal energy in waste streams or use nearby “free” sources of cooling water. Among our many proven strategies:

  • Interchangers, or cross exchangers, can exchange heat between two process flows
  • In power systems, additional condensing capacity that reduces output-derating backpressure in steam turbine generators
  • Tailrace hydrogenerator coolers
  • Geothermal binary cycle loop interchangers
  • Geothermal heating/cooling heat pump interchangers
  • Free cooling source interchangers
  • Solar collector isolation interchangers

Wherever there is an available heating or cooling source, Tranter can put it to work saving energy and ultimately reducing emissions.

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