Heat exchanger service

Reactive or proactive, ensure the reliability of your equipment


Ensure the reliability of your equipment

With advanced diagnostics and predictive maintenance, we optimize your heat exchanger’s efficiency and extend its lifespan, ensuring that our global teams are ready to support you immediately.

We offer service contracts designed to meet the specific needs of your operations and provide flexible terms that adapt to various service demands and budget constraints, ensuring you receive the service you need without unnecessary costs.

Tranter Fullserv®

  • Understanding your needs: We start every interaction by understanding your specific challenges.
  • Hands-on approach: Detailed diagnostics, targeted repairs, and preventive strategies customized for your equipment.
  • Global expertise, local knowledge: Rapid response with insights tailored to your regional operational requirements.
  • Every brand: Capable of servicing both Tranter and non-Tranter heat exchangers.

Service for every brand

Keep operations uninterrupted with us

Emergency maintenance

Available worldwide, around the clock.


Tailored service contracts

Customizable to align with your specific operational needs.


Extended equipment lifespan

Systematic upgrades and maintenance plans to enhance longevity and efficiency.


Your local partner in every major market

Global service network

With service centers in key regions worldwide, we ensure we can quickly respond to your needs. This network is backed by a comprehensive supply chain that spans across continents, providing seamless support and maintenance services.

  • Service centers strategically located in the USA, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Italy, India, China, and Korea.
  • Represented by service agents across all continents, coordinated by Tranter.
  • Quick and efficient response times, minimizing downtime.

Training and support

Empowering your team with the knowledge and skills to maintain peak operational conditions.

  • On-site and virtual training sessions.
  • Comprehensive support materials.
  • Direct access to Tranter experts for ongoing assistance.

Our promise to you

At Tranter, we are committed to your success, supporting your operations with exceptional service and cutting-edge solutions.

  • Committed to quality, efficiency, and sustainability.
  • A trusted partner for high-standard clients, including NASA.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation in service delivery.


Innovations in service

Leveraging technology and innovation to deliver superior service experiences.

  • Development of remote monitoring technologies.
  • Advanced diagnostics tools for quicker, more effective maintenance.
  • Lab evaluation and flow testing of customer fluids.

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Parts and services

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When it comes to inspection and plate removal, it is crucial to pay attention to every detail. By following the necessary steps and taking the time to inspect and remove plates properly, we can ensure that your project is completed successfully. Learn more by listening to Dave Lusignolo, Director, Aftermarket Sales - North America

Parts and services

Parts and Service, Explainer series part 2

Chemical cleaning and rinse are essential steps in maintaining the performance of your heat exchanger. Whether it's removing liquids, or ensuring the longevity of machinery, chemical cleaning and rinse play a crucial role in the service process. Learn more by listening to Dave Lusignolo, Director, Aftermarket Sales - North America

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Plate and frame for maximum efficiency

Optimum performance is a promise Tranter has been fulfilling for many decades with the Superchanger® plate and frame heat exchanger.


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