Plate Heat Exchangers for Power Generation

Tranter plate heat exchangers are improving thermal management and economy in both fossil-fired and nuclear stations. Compact size, trusted-quality products and ease of maintenance make them an attractive choice for new construction, retrofits or capacity expansions.

Tranter compact heat exchangers are a perfect fit in:

  • Heating/condensing
  • Liquid, gas or two-phase operations
  • Blow down coolers (from steam generator/boiler, from cooling tower)
  • Turbine lube oil coolers
  • Compressor motor oil coolers
  • Feedwater pump lube oil coolers
  • Seal water coolers (at various pumps)
  • Transformer oil coolers
  • Condensate trim coolers
  • Low pressure feed water (condensate) heaters
  • Gland steam condensers (steam turbine seal)
  • Amine or ammonia solution heat exchangers (wet flue gas cleaning)
  • HRSG (heat recovery steam generator) cross exchangers


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