Plate Heat Exchangers for HVAC

Tranter HVAC Plate Heat Exchangers are able to consistently maintain the “comfort zone” with outstanding heat transfer efficiency and reliability in liquid-to-liquid or steam-to-liquid applications. In addition, they conserve floor space and are lightweight and affordable.

With their many advantages over conventional shell and tube heat exchangers, Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers and SUPERMAX Shell And Plate Heat Exchangers can handle a wide range of HVAC heating applications:
  • Geothermal heat source or thermal storage isolation
  • Combined process heat/HVAC heating
  • Waste/low-grade heat recovery
  • Instantaneous water heating
  • Swimming pool heating
Service centers located worldwide are ready to assist with OEM plates, gaskets, assembled plate packs, cleaning services and replacement units.
Tranter HVAC Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers
Representatives of 40 Tranter SUPERCHANGER® Plate And Frame models carrying the AHRI Standard 400 certification.


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