Why Specify SUPERCHANGER® Instead Of The Other Plate And Frame Brands?

ThermoFit™ plate technology is a new Tranter design concept offering a significant boost in plate and frame heat exchanger performance and unit integrity. ThermoFit™ plates, available in both stainless steel and titanium alloys, feature three new design approaches:

  • The HydroFit™ Flow Distribution System Concept
  • The GrooveFit™ Groove/Gasket System Concept
  • The Halo™ Plate Alignment Concept

The HydroFit™ concept achieves minimized plate width throughout the range to enhance flow distribution and hence heat exchange performance and also to reduce frame cost.

The simulation-tuned GrooveFit™ gasket and groove design features minimal wetted area of the gasket, for maximum fluid integrity over long service cycles.

The exclusive Halo™ plate alignment system with a plate-to-plate nesting feature establishes and maintains optimal plate alignment and gasket sealing integrity.

All Tranter SUPERCHANGER® plates offer attractive advantages:

  • Exclusive gasket/bleed port design prevents cross-contamination
  • Fluids will not intermix
  • The only means of intermixing can be a through-plate failure
  • Liquid flowing on the surface of each plate flows on the inside of the boundary gasket
  • In case of a leak beyond a boundary gasket, flow will only occur to the outside of the unit through the bleed ports
  • Numerous gasket choices from among specially molded elastomers assure superior performance
Tranter ThermoFit™ plates for SUPERCHANGER Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers.