Why Are Plates Designed To Reduce Fouling And Scaling So Important?

Clean heat exchange surfaces in both channels are critical for the controllability and energy efficiency of a heat exchanger. Fouled surfaces result in complaints from your employees. Typical problems include interior comfort complaints, off-grade product from lack of temperature control, excessive flash steam vapor, escalating utility bills and related troubles. Some problems are minor but progressive, causing higher energy consumption and performance variability. This is why plates designed for scaling/fouling resistance that stay cleaner, longer, make good sense.

Tranter SUPERCHANGER ThermoFit™ plates with HydroFit™ Flow System Technology is the highest NTU DN200 plate in the Tranter line. This design incorporates an optimized, low delta P distribution section with induced bubbly or turbulent, balanced flow across the plate—this achievement reserves the bulk of the exchanger pressure drop for the heat exchange area. The herringbone heat exchange zones induce high turbulence throughout the exchanger that keeps the heat exchange surface cleaner longer by resisting fouling and scaling. This same induced turbulence improves the effectiveness of CIP operations, while also reducing pumping load.

Process data around any heat exchanger is invaluable in detecting decreased performance that signals the need for maintenance. Pressure, flow rate and temperature data from side 1 (usually the process channel) and side 2 (usually the cooling or heating media channel) inlets and outlets can indicate problems with either stream. This instrumentation is well worth the cost of installation for exchangers critical to process control and efficiency. They can signal operators when the process is about to become uncontrollable.

A long term goal should be to institute preventive and predictive maintenance strategies for heat exchangers, since they are usually process-critical. For this to take place, careful maintenance records must be kept. Mean time between necessary service must be tracked. With this process, maintenance procedures can be scheduled before unplanned downtime occurs.

Tranter ThermoFit plates for SUPERCHANGER Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers.