Using Surplus Heat To Reduce Steam Consumption In Biofuels Production


Extract and apply heat from dryer exhaust or other high- or low-grade surplus heat sources to reduce boiler fuel bills in biofuels production.


Tranter SUPERCHANGER® Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers.


  • Outstanding resistance to fouling.
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning of both channels when necessary.
  • Impressive quantities of surplus heat recovered.
  • Less fuel needed to heat boiler feedwater.
  • Highly economical heating of feedstocks and intermediates: juice, mash, fatty acids; methanol/catalyst, glycerol, glycerol/biodiesel

A Tranter SUPERCHANGER® Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger, employed as an economizer/preheater within the cooking heating circuit, uses low-grade surplus heat streams to reduce steam consumption in the cook water heater.