Reduce Footprint And Dead Weight From Keel To Upper Works In Standard Thermal Duties


Reduce weight and space requirements necessary with shell and tube heat exchangers in vessels and on platforms.


Lightweight Tranter plate heat exchangers such as SUPERCHANGER® Plate And Frame or SUPERMAX® Shell And Plate for standard heating and cooling duties aboard vessels and platforms, such as:

  • Heating ship service water
  • Cooling electronic gear
  • Deck heater service for viscous cargoes
  • Heat recovery from hot condensate
  • Suction heaters for heavy fuel oil


  • Compact–fits into 20–50% of a shell and tube footprint including service and maintenance space.
  • Lower metal mass and reduce hold-up volume for greater stability.
  • Higher heat transfer coefficients for improved heat exchange performance, faster response.
  • They can handle temperature approaches of less than 1°C (2°F), with “U” or “K “ values 3 to 6 times higher than shell and tube exchangers.
  • Lower operating costs through reduced energy consumption.
  • Lower purchase price, especially with higher alloys.
  • Faster delivery time.
  • Reduced maintenance dead space by eliminating need to pull tube bundle.
  • Enhanced resistance to fouling.
  • Installation possible through existing man ways or companionways.

Compact plate heat exchanger size and weight provides many advantages aboard vessels of all types.
Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger used in downstream processing.