Plate Efficiency Converts Maximum Geothermal Heat Into Electricity


Put geothermal heat to maximum use generating electricity.


  • Geothermal source water is cycled through either SUPERCHANGER Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers or SUPERMAX Shell And Plate Heat Exchangers.
  • The cold circuit is feedwater for steam generation.


  • Dry steam, flash steam and binary cycle geothermal power plants can generate usable power when geothermal well water temperature is 175°C (350°F) or higher.
  • In binary plants, a second, low-boiling-point fluid is pumped at fairly high pressure 34 bar (500 PSI) through the SUPERMAX Shell And Plate Heat Exchanger
  • This fluid is vaporized and then directed through a turbine generator.
  • The vapor exiting the turbine is then condensed within a second heat exchanger and cycled back through the first heat exchanger.

A Tranter SUPERMAX Shell And Plate Heat Exchanger can take a geothermal source and serve a steam generator in an isolation circuit or through a binary circuit.
The Tranter SUPERMAX Shell And Plate Heat Exchanger offers high performance, small footprint, low weight and easy disassembly for cleaning.