Nitrogen and Syngas Exchangers


To save space, improve process and reduce maintenance in critical heat exchanger duties:

  • Ammonia stripper vent condensers
  • Weak nitric acid coolers
  • Stripper condensate exchangers/economizers
  • High-pressure condensate preheaters
  • Ammonia shift condensers


Tranter SUPERMAX® Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers in ammonia, nitric acid and urea manufacturing.


  • A smaller footprint, lower cost and simplified mechanical cleanability as desulfurization and CO2 capture lean/rich interchangers
  • Smaller footprint and a significant improvement in the temperature approach of 9°C (16°F) as 4-unit, manifolded, multi-pass, high-pressure condensate preheaters vs. triple series-piped shell & tube heat exchangers
  • Improved product life as weak nitric acid coolers (compared to shell & tube units)
  • Better leak resistance as ammonia stripper vent condensers (compared to block-type welded exchangers)
  • Reduced maintenance burdens

Tranter Shell And Plate HE used as a nitric acid condenser.
Tranter Shell And Plate HEs used as ammonia condensers.