Lower Volumes Of Safer Refrigerants In A Compact Footprint With High Efficiency


Improve reliability of vapor absorption or compression refrigeration in applications involving a range of refrigerants, to include carbon dioxide, ammonia and substituted hydrocarbons, in such duties as:

  • Evaporators (flooded or direct expansion)
  • Discharge desuperheaters for heat recovery
  • Condensers (liquid-cooled)
  • Condensate subcoolers for flooded evaporation
  • Economizers
  • Cascade system components for flooded ammonia or other refrigerants
  • Compressor oil coolers
  • Applications include industrial cooling and refrigeration, industrial process refrigeration, gas plant processing and air separation processes.


Tranter SUPERMAX® Shell And Plate Heat Exchangers.


  • Higher efficiency and a higher margin of safety than other heat exchanger types.
  • Capability to use more environmentally friendly refrigerants.
  • Outstanding design flexibility makes them adaptable to precise refrigeration requirements.

High efficiency and outstanding response characterize Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers for refrigeration duties.
Tranter SUPERMAX® Shell And Plate Heat Exchanger configured as a compact ammonia evaporator.
Dual Tranter SUPERMAX® Shell And Plate Heat Exchangers connected in parallel as ammonia evaporators.