Plate Heat Exchangers for General Industry

Tranter offers rich applications experience solving problems and improving processes for more than 85 years. Among these are the primary metals, food and beverage and wastewater treatment segments, plus others too numerous to categorize.

Our plate heat exchangers are built into core processes, improving uptime, saving energy and reducing maintenance burdens. Plate heat transfer efficiency promises and delivers benefits in:
  • Size and weight efficiency helping to accommodate capacity expansions
  • Compact size helping make higher alloy units more affordable, with shorter lead-times
  • Low hold-up volume with rapid thermal response, for precise process control
  • Extremely high heat transfer rates and practical temperature approaches as low as 1°C (2°F)
  • High internal turbulence, reducing fouling and scaling tendencies for longer maintenance cycles
  • Highly configurable thermal length for outstanding performance
  • A rapidly growing portfolio of diverse, successful applications, signifying a maturing technology base
A Tranter SUPERMAX® Shell And Plate Heat Exchanger (top) with a liquid carbon dioxide vessel as the carbon dioxide side of a compact NH3–CO2 cascade refrigerating system.


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