Improving Interstage Cooling Operation And Durability In Multistage Gas Compression


Eliminate leaks and improve intercooling performance in heat exchangers used as interstage coolers in multistage gas compression skids, whether:

  • Box-type welded plate heat exchangers
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers


Tranter SUPERMAX Shell And Plate Heat Exchangers are improving performance as interstage coolers in multistage gas compression. With their round plates, they do not have corner welds as found in box-type welded plate heat exchangers, or tubesheet welds as found in shell and tube exchangers.


  • Ability to withstand pressure spikes plus thermal and pressure fatigue
  • Space, weight and cost savings compared to the shell and tube exchangers
  • Turbulent flow even at low velocities resists scaling and fouling better than laminar flow in shell and tube exchangers
  • Full maintainability with an option for a removable core enabling the unit to be mechanically cleaned
  • Precise control of compressor suction temperature and improved overall compression efficiency
  • Reduced volume of expensive lubricants

Standard and removable core SUPERMAX® Shell And Plate Heat Exchangers.