Improve Throughput And Reduce Maintenance Burdens With Solvent Condensers


Find replacements for shell and tube heat exchangers that improve performance and efficiency with batch reactors using one or more organic solvents and multiple condensers (primary and secondary condensers and vent condensers).


Tranter SUPERMAX Shell And Plate Heat Exchangers.


Compared with the shell and tube exchangers, the Tranter SUPERMAX Shell And Plate Exchangers are providing:

  • Lower purchase price
  • Reduced structural steel requirements
  • Faster response (shorter vaporization/ condensation cycle time)
  • Higher plant capacity or throughput
  • Reduced maintenance burdens, since pulling long tube bundles has been replaced by pulling short SUPERMAX cores when cleaning is necessary.
Tranter SUPERMAX Shell And Plate Heat Exchangers are improving performance in such duties as solvent condensers and thermal control of reactors.