Heat Recovery From Produced Water


Recover maximum possible heat energy in hot produced water from treater tanks, usable for preheating boiler feedwater or for reinjection to increase production rates.


A Tranter SUPERCHANGER Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger, or under elevated conditions, a SUPERMAX Shell And Plate Heat Exchanger.


  • With their high U or K values, Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers recover a larger percentage of the available heat energy than possible with shell and tube heat exchangers.
  • Good resistance to scaling on heat exchange surfaces.
  • Long service cycles without leaks or downtime.
  • Compact size and low weight.
  • Good maintenance accessibility.

Tranter SUPERMAX® Shell And Plate Heat Exchangers serve as high-performing condensers with removable of noncondensibles. Large-diameter shell-side nozzles help balance vapor flow rates with those of the cooling media.
The Tranter SUPERMAX Shell And Plate Heat Exchanger offers high performance, small footprint, low weight and easy disassembly for cleaning.