Heat Exchangers For Carbon Dioxide Capture


Apply thermally efficient heat exchangers for various duties in clean coal carbon dioxide capture processes in Europe and the USA.


Tranter SUPERCHANGER® Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers.


  • Lean/Rich Amine Interchanger (P&F)
  • Lean/Rich Amine Interchanger (P&F)
  • Lean Amine Cooler (P&F)
  • Stripper Overhead Condenser (P&F)
  • Stripper Reboiler (S&P)
  • Water Wash Coolers (P&F)
  • Stripper Water Recirculation Cooler (P&F)
  • Anti-Surge Cooler (S&P)
  • Lean Amine Evaporator (S&P)
  • Amine Heaters (S&P)

Tranter exchangers are being used as amine interchangers, coolers, condensers, reboilers and evaporators in leading edge clean coal carbon capture technologies.
Superchanger Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger