Fully Condense Surface Condenser Outflow, Relieve Backpressure And Boost Generating Capacity


In a power station, find a compact (space limitations) condenser solution that prevents steam flashing from the condensate and applying backpressure back through the steam turbine outlet during summer months.


Install Tranter SUPERMAX® Shell And Plate Heat Exchangers downstream of the surface condensers.


  • No loss in turbo generator output and degradation of overall thermal efficiency of the power plant during summer months.
  • Efficient plate technology resulted in a small footprint that fit on an existing deck.
  • Very small dead space necessary to pull the thermal element for service.
  • Higher heat transfer rates than with tubes enabled better utilization of lower grade cooling streams.

Tranter SUPERMAX® Shell And Plate Heat Exchangers can boost power station capacity during hot summer months when installed downstream of the surface condensers, boosting condensing capacity and relieving turbine backpressure.