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Prevent needless chiller or cooling tower operation by using untapped sources of cooling media for HVAC applications serving entire population districts. Read more about these opportunities here.


Tranter SUPERCHANGER® Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers


  • Compact size increases thermal capacity in space-limited retrofits.
  • High induced turbulence overcomes the fouling tendencies of dirty streams.
  • Corrosion-resistant plates offer long service life.
  • Close temperature approach of 1°C (2°F) that makes practical use of low-grade sources.
  • Finely tuned thermal length aids efficiency.

A nearby body of water can be used to substitute for chiller or cooling tower operations, saving an impressive amount of energy during summer months.
Tranter HVAC Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers
Representatives of 40 Tranter SUPERCHANGER® Plate And Frame models carrying the AHRI Standard 400 certification.