District Cooling From Cooled Wastewater


  • Use cooled wastewater as a heat sink in a district cooling water loop in Örebro, Sweden.
  • For efficiency, the exchangers must have a close temperature approach and a low pressure drop.


Two Tranter SUPERCHANGER Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers installed in a dedicated heat exchanger station.


  • The two exchangers remove 18 MW of heat from district cooling water.
  • Only 1-bar (14-psi) pressure drop.
  • Temperature approaches of less than 1°C (2°F), with “U” or “K “ values 3 to 6 times higher than shell and tube exchangers.
  • High channel velocity and shear stress reduce maintenance requirements for the waste water channel.

Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers, with their close temperature approach and fouling-resistant benefits, are employed in distributed district heating/cooling systems, using cooled water from wastewater plants in heat pump cooling.