Why Specify Shell And Plate Instead of Shell And Tube?

The Tranter SUPERMAX® Shell And Plate welded heat exchanger enables you to obtain the thermal efficiency and compactness of plate and frame heat exchangers in elevated pressure/temperature applications. Until recently, heat exchangers in elevated pressure/temperature or corrosive media applications had to be shell and tube units. This meant constant tradeoffs in thermal efficiency, material mass […]

Why Specify Plate And Frame Instead Of Shell And Tube?

SUPERCHANGER® Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers transfer heat more efficiently than shell and tube units in most applications, due in large measure to the turbulent flow created by the corrugated patterns of their plates. They use only 20% to 50% of space required by shell and tube units including service footprint and are much lighter […]

Why Specify SUPERCHANGER® Instead Of The Other Plate And Frame Brands?

ThermoFit™ plate technology is a new Tranter design concept offering a significant boost in plate and frame heat exchanger performance and unit integrity. ThermoFit™ plates, available in both stainless steel and titanium alloys, feature three new design approaches: The HydroFit™ Flow Distribution System Concept The GrooveFit™ Groove/Gasket System Concept The Halo™ Plate Alignment Concept The […]