Careers At Tranter


Team – Persistence – Determination – Flexibility – Patience – Calm – Team – Reschedule – Plan – Assess & Evaluate – Communicate – Document – Support – Team. These keywords describe an attitude and an approach. I’ve said “Team” three times because that has been the underlying theme of our group all year long. Support each other, hold each other up, anticipate gaps and assist each other. “Words coming from Dave Lusignolo, Director of Aftermarket Sales in North America, describing just one of many Tranter sales teams.

At Tranter, the evaluation process is not complicated, in view of the global nature of the company and the diversity in job functions that Tranter has we are searching for people to enrich all parts of the company. To keep Tranter growing because having our people work together as one enterprise to provide sustainable and measurable customer value and quality is a core value for Tranter. At Tranter, we want to partner up both internally and externally to empower all stakeholders to achieve the most value of their heat exchangers and maximum growth.

With our great experience, product & application knowledge in our teams, and the excellent share of knowledge between employees, we constantly work towards increasing the customer value we provide.” says Manfred Maierhofer, Sales Director Capital Sales, Europe and MEA

At Tranter, we are driven to help customers understand new and unfamiliar technology that will improve their business performance.

What Tranter Employees Do

As a manufacturing and sales business dealing with engineered products, we have a broad range of job functions around the world, including:

  • Research & Development
  • Design engineering
  • Testing
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply chain management
  • Applications engineering
  • Marketing and communication
  • Regional and global Sales
  • Customer service
  • Parts and service
  • Business functions such as accounting, training, personnel, etc.
  • And so much more due to our engagement in improving and growth.