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6 reasons to choose a full-service partner for gasketed plate heat exchangers

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As a plant engineer in the Oil & Gas or Petrochemical industries, you’re usually stood between two choices regarding service for your heat exchangers: an expensive original manufacturer or a third-party, non-OEM reseller with monetary motives. But what if there was a third choice? Well, let us introduce you to the OEM full-service partner for gasketed heat exchangers.

All brands, one service

Each heat exchanger brand comes with a different supplier with its own needs, prices, service quality, response times, and availability. But how can you run an efficient, profitable operation if you have to patiently wait for the right plates or pay absurd amounts for gaskets?

Imagine a partner with a global presence that designs and manufactures gasketed plate heat exchangers whilst also offering service for every brand. A partner whom you can build a beneficial, long-term relationship with and who anticipates your needs, knows your service schedule and makes sure to stock your heat exchangers’ specific plates and gaskets. Wouldn’t it be a game-changer to get OEM quality service for all your heat exchangers whenever you need it and wherever you are?

The benefits of choosing a full-service partner

Tranter FullServ helps many businesses in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries reduce their heat exchangers’ total cost of ownership and downtime and optimize their heat transfer efficiency. Below, we list six benefits of opting for our multi-brand service.

1. More than a cold business transaction

Picture this. You send a bunch of dirty plates to your service partner without even telling them what you need or why. And then, not long after, you find a pack of clean/new plates on your doorstep. Amazing, right?

Multiple service partners for your heat exchangers turn every interaction into a cold, impersonal business transaction, making it virtually impossible to build a fruitful relationship. But with a full-service partner, such as Tranter FullServ, you can establish a long-term, beneficial relationship that enables your supplier to anticipate your every heat exchanger need. Your partner will know your heat exchanger constellation and requirements, work around your schedule, and ensure your specific plates and gaskets are always in stock.

2. Apply OEM knowledge to optimize heat exchangers

A non-OEM partner only provides service for heat exchangers; they don’t build their own. Their motivation to ‘just fix the problem’ and lack of technical knowledge results in an unfavourable and inefficient collaboration.

With Tranter FullServ, you don’t just get clean plates; you get optimal performance. We apply OEM knowledge, proprietary software, and data to determine the optimal amount of plates, heat transfer levels or pressure drop for your specific heat exchanger.

3. Service centers at your service

Tranter FullServ is all about service. That’s why we have placed service centers all over the world, enabling you to get the assistance you need at your beck and call with an unparalleled response time. Each center is also fully equipped with power washers, cleaning tanks, and other certified equipment. The truth is that many other service suppliers on the market use Tranter’s centers to service their customers’ heat exchangers – so why not just cut out the intermediaries?

4. Create more efficient planned downtime

Let’s say your oil refinery contains several different brands of heat exchangers, each with its own service supplier. One day, one of them gets flagged for cleaning. Its service supplier tells you they can swing by in a couple of days to pick the plates up, and you schedule your downtime accordingly. But then, another heat exchanger – of a different brand – breaks down, and its service supplier can’t come in for another three weeks. Now you’re stuck with two separate downtime occasions instead of one.

Tranter FullServ works around your schedule, not the other way around. And since we serve every heat exchanger brand, we can schedule service for all makes and models during the same time window.

5. Tap into a global supply chain

Waiting for plates and gaskets leads to longer downtimes and halts in production. With Tranter FullServ, you tap into a global supply chain unlike any other, enabling perpetual access to the plates and gaskets you need.

And if one center doesn’t have the exact parts you need, our global computer system tells us which one does. If they’re not in Houston, they’ll be somewhere in Illinois. Or Brazil. Or Sweden. In other words, we can pull and deliver the parts you need precisely when and where you need them.

6. Direct contact with OEM engineers

Imagine a toxic leak in one of your exchangers one day, which calls for urgent assistance. You call your non-OEM service supplier, and an automatic voice tells you to press 1 for French and 2 for service. You press 2, and elevator music starts playing. When someone finally picks up, you tell them about your problem, and the response is, “let me put you on hold”. How do you react?

Each of Tranter’s centers has its own team of OEM engineers. This unique, dedicated field service system means you can speak directly to and get help from the people who design and manufacture heat exchangers – without having to deal with customer service on the other side of the world.

Are you ready to take your heat exchanger game to the next level? Get in touch with us today and learn more about what Tranter FullServ can do to optimize your operations.