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Tranter is committed to protecting your online privacy. Tranter uses “cookies,”allowing us to remember certain data about your previous visits to our site, such as pages you have visited, preferences, etc. We do not use “cookies” to store any personally identifying information. If you wish, you can delete “cookies” after your browsing session.


Our customer contact page provides several e-mail addresses for your convenience when contacting us. Information collected on these forms is only used to correspond with you regarding your message. E-mail addresses and other information that you send us from these customer service forms are not used for marketing purposes and are not made available to anyone outside the customer service group.
Also, on occasion, Tranter may e-mail you to notify you of developments that may be of interest. If you do not want to receive these communications, please send us your full name (first and last) and your e-mail address to noemail@tranter.com.


By using this website, you consent to the collection and use of information by Tranter. Changes to our privacy policy will be posted to this page so you will be kept updated. If you have any questions or comments regarding this policy, please contact webmaster@tranter.com.


Tranter has a strict view on business ethics that is codified in a comprehensive Legal Compliance Program taught to all managers and most employees.
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