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Multi Brand Heat Exchanger Service
Tranter Service Center field service crews restore plate heat exchanger uptime 

Service Center crews are ready to restore plate heat exchanger uptime on a 24-hr basis.


Tranter Service Center hydrotesting
No field repair is certified ready for reinstallation without passing a hydrotest.


Tranter Service Center pressure washing of fouled plates 

In field service, pressure washing of fouled plates (left) and regasketing are all that is necessary to restore a plate heat exchanger to design performance. 


Reconditioning and Field Service for Heat Exchangers


Field Service

Tranter Service Center field service crews are available at any time to restore your plate heat exchangers to nameplate condition. Whether serviced during a planned shutdown or on an emergency basis, your exchangers will benefit from OEM parts and service. Service Centers are backed by Tranter worldwide engineering resources, including design, applications and materials engineering. All our on-site work carries one year warranty protection on new parts with workmanship and labor also guaranteed.


On-site services include:

•Plate pack refurbishment (opening and closing of exchanger, pressure washing plates, visual plate inspection, checking and replacing gaskets as needed)

•Plate pack exchange

•Hydro/line testing of exchangers


•Delivery and pick-up (for work in our shop)


Our crews also provide cleaning services on Tranter and most brands of welded plate heat exchangers. If a channel can be reached, we can usually pressure wash out most contamination.


Tranter service technicians carry applicable national service certifications:

•USA: OSHA 10-hour general industry training standards

•Canada: First aid, WHIMS, H2S Alive®, rigging and OH&S Standards


Tranter Service Centers remove scale from plates 

Tranter field service crews remove efficiency-robbing scale or fouling from plates under scheduled or emergency maintenance schemes.