Press release: Tranter provides heat exchangers to a new sustainable wind farm project that will provide electricity to 600,000 homes of a major US city

Press release. 8 November, 2021 Stockholm, Sweden. November 8, 2021. Tranter have received an order from a Scandinavian based off-shore EPC company for a North-Atlantic Off-shore wind farm project. The wind farm will supply a major US city with high voltage electricity through the latest HVDC technology developed for the off-shore wind energy.

FEW 2021

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Drop-In Superchanger

A drop-in replacement Superchanger® Plate and Frame heat exchanger is headed to a facility where it will be used in the anodizing station of a metal finishing process.

Maximize reliability and performance, avoid an emergency service at sea

Marine conditions are tough, and both crew and equipment are put to the test, and equipment such as the main engine oil cooler and central freshwater cooler simply have to work. Performing an emergency service, or even a planned shutdown, on a vessel is critical. During an emergency service the working hours are usually between […]

Order Update: Supermax for Gas Compression Application

Wichita Falls, TX A Supermax® Welded Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger is heading to a facility to be used for oil cooling as part of a gas compression application. The Supermax is a compact welded replacement for Shell & Tube heat exchangers as compressor oil coolers in oil and gas production facilities, refineries, gas liquefaction […]

Why Are Compact Plate HEs Such A Good Choice For Retrofits?

Many facilities have been built using shell and tube heat exchangers. When time for expansion comes, whether involving HVAC or process thermal systems, sizing and installing a larger shell and tube exchanger is expensive or impossible because the larger unit: Causes impossible-to-resolve piping conflicts with existing systems Exceeds the load capacity of support structures Has […]