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Multi Brand Heat Exchanger Service

Tranter Service Centers use fluorescent dye to detect pinholesFluorescent dye applied to the plates enables technicians to detect pinholes.


Tranter Service Centers use dye penetrant testing to identify damaged platesDye penetrant testing identifies damaged plates needing replacement and to assess the advisability of procuring a replacement plate pack.


Tranter Service Centers regasket competitor plate packs with OEM quality gaskets and adhesives

Competitor’s plate, cleaned and regasketed with OEM quality gasket and adhesive.


Multi-Brand Heat Exchanger Service


Service Testimonials


"First class service, Thank You"


'Positive Service Environment'

"Thanks for a positive service enviroment. I was pleased with the service and attitude. Sadly we have a large amount of your competitors equipment and only one of yours. We will buy from Tranter in the future!"


'Technical Support'

"Thank you for your support in supplying the required gaskets and technical support for our exchanger."


'Kept well Informed'

"I wanted to express my satisfaction with the crew you sent to the ISD project.  Both gentleman were right on time and were also very courteous throughout the entire process to the school representatives on-site.  I was kept well informed throughout all their work yesterday and received a phone call again upon completion as well as a Field Service Report this afternoon stating all findings and work performed.

I look forward to potentially working with Tranter again in the future and I hope to bring the same crew back again, thanks!"



“Again, your crew was impressive. I had a lot on my plate that day and could not personally thank them, so if you would, please express my gratitude. Thanks, and have a great day.”


‘Second To None’

“Thanks a lot to you and all the folks down there at the Service Center for making this happen. I view it as outstanding service that is second to none!”


‘Especially On Christmas’

“We appreciate the hard work and short notice on sending guys out–especially on Christmas!! Thanks.”


‘A Good Job’

“Thank you for the quick response to our needs. Your staff did a good job working with the HX’s, taking their time and making sure that they did not leak. It is nice to work with vendors that make sure the product performs as it should.”


‘Well Worth The Money’

“Your crew did an outstanding job on the plate pack—it was well worth the money. Again, thank you and your service crew!”


‘Thank You To Everyone’

“Please pass along our gratitude to your crew. They did an outstanding job while they were here, and want to make sure they get the credit that they deserve. Thank you to everyone involved in meeting our maintenance needs.”



Tranter Service Centers restore plate heat exchangers to new condition and performance

Complete unit refurbishment—nameplate performance restored, with factory-fresh appearance as well (right).