Why Specify PLATECOIL® Instead Of Dimple Sheet?

Superior thermal performance

  • Exclusive MultiZone flow paths are supremely suited for steam flow
  • The ability to balance flow velocity through the panel is unequaled, which improves thermal and steam handling performance
  • No channeling, short-circuiting or cold spots
  • Even heating
  • Faster cycle time
  • Nearly instantaneous attainment of controlled temperature.
  • Better control at setpoint through load changes.

Superior strength for longer life cycle

  • The combination of resistance welding technology and embossing makes for a more dimensionally stable panel
  • Resistance welding provides better mechanical integrity of the actual weld and surrounding area
  • Resistance welding provides more uniform grain throughout the entire cross section of the weld than laser welding
  • Resistance welding maintains the steel crystal structure in the vicinity of the weld better than laser welding for better fatigue resistance and less brittleness
  • The resistance button welds exhibit higher tensile strength than laser welds in dimple sheet
  • The finished embossed panel is more resistant to bending than the dimple sheet, making it better suited for platens
  • Embossed panels can be fabricated into tangent bends and bends around curves more successfully than dimple sheet

Lower initial and life-cycle cost

  • Void volume between PLATECOIL® embossings is less than void volume of dimples, meaning that less mastic is required upon installation as jackets
  • Less mastic results in more direct conduction to the vessel wall for reduced energy consumption

Tranter is your preferred partner

  • Panel for panel, PLATECOIL is absolutely price-competitive vs. dimple sheet
  • PLATECOIL has been under continual engineering and manufacturing refinement since its invention by Tranter in 1948
  • Tranter has been engineering custom PLATECOIL fabrications since 1959
  • Tranter manufacturing has developed expert resistance arc welding capabilities
  • Tranter offers highly experienced in-house engineering, in-house tool & die resources for custom designs
  • Trust in the competency of the Tranter rep to advise on a successful application
Embossing and resistance welding used to fabricate PLATECOIL panels provides better panel integrity than methods used in dimple sheet panel manufacturing.
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