Stack Gas Reheating with Prime Surface Heat Exchanger Minimizes Vapor Plume And Helps Disperse Moisture


Reduce the vapor plume from high moisture content, relatively low dew point stack gas at a Midwest power station.


Specially designed Tranter PLATECOIL® Prime Surface Heat Exchanger stack gas reheater banks. There are seven 317L SS Style 73D panels with 17 parallel passes and 2 return passes.


  • The banks heat 25,485 m3/m (900,000 SCFM) of flue gas from 52°C to 77°C (125°F to 170°F) using 3.4 bar (50 psi) steam.
  • The flue gases rise higher into the atmosphere before they condense for better dilution and dispersion of the trace acidity and particulates from the scrubber.
  • Good heat transfer without excessive pressure drop that could degrade the performance of upstream components.
  • Easier to clean and maintain than either tubular or finned tube exchangers would be.

PLATECOIL® Prime Surface Heat Exchanger banks mounted downstream of the scrubber raise gas temperature by 22°C (40°F) for better moisture dispersion from the stack.
A PLATECOIL® bank can be installed in a flue duct to recover maximum exhaust heat for use in other areas.