Order Update: Superchanger® to Cool Hot Crude with Seawater


Wichita Falls, TX

March 5, 2020

A Superchanger® Plate Heat Exchanger is headed to the Gulf Coast to be used in a Petrochemical application to cool hot crude with seawater. Hot wellhead crude must be cooled to reduce the vapor pressure of methane and other volatile gases for safety. Superchanger units with titanium plates using seawater as a heat sink accomplish this efficiently with low maintenance requirements. Tranter offers extensive experience in both onshore and offshore applications. With manufacturing centers on three continents, Tranter sources systems close to major production and refining areas, minimizing lead-time and freight. Reach out to our local rep, Chemetec or the Tranter Regional, Jason Glougie. info@chemetec.com or Jason.Glougie@tranter.com

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