How Does Tranter OEM Multi-Brand Service Reduce Overhead Costs?

Whatever brands of plate heat exchangers are installed in your facility, they originally started up delivering OEM nameplate performance. Tranter Service Centers want to ensure that you continue to enjoy nameplate performance. Our fast, economical and reliable service means minimal downtime for your exchanger and reliable protection for your equipment.

That’s why we offer OEM quality replacement parts and service for every plate heat exchanger in your facility, including Alfa Laval, APV, GEA, Graham, Sentry, Sondex, Mueller, Polaris and others as well as Tranter, with genuine Tranter OEM replacement parts and service for all of our units.

A Multi-Brand™ service advantage is our dedication to restoration, not just repair. For failed units:

  • We verify your current operation to discover causes of gasket deterioration, swelling or cracking before replacing them
  • We recommend the correct gasket bonding method for new gaskets to remedy cracking and leakage
  • We obtain correct closing specifications to prevent any recurrence of over-tightening and damaged plates

Maintenance Expertise For The Benefit Of Your MRO Operation

In addition to repair, our Service Center heat exchanger experts can provide your operations and maintenance teams with training and advice toward attaining maximum possible performance and uptime. Our specialists will help your people structure maintenance records particularly for process-critical exchangers, aimed at tracking mean time between necessary service. This process enables scheduling of maintenance procedures before unplanned downtime is likely to occur.

Tranter also offers a Preventive Maintenance Service Program, a flexible way to maintain your heat exchangers and make your maintenance costs minimal and predictable. This individually crafted contract program offers substantial cost savings over unscheduled emergency service. Included is the assurance of a job done right with our in-shop plate pack refurbishment, covered by the Tranter Service Centers’ limited one-year OEM Guarantee on workmanship and materials.

Fuel-Saving Audits

If you suspect that your energy efficiency and thermal process control are not what they should be, a Tranter Service Center team can pinpoint the causes with an on-site Heat Exchanger Audit. Our personnel investigate leaks and other problems and determine the action necessary to minimize downtime.

Technical specialists at Tranter Service Centers have the experience and know-how to refurbish all brands of plate heat exchangers in our shops or in your facility.
Whatever your brand, we are ready to return your plate heat exchangers to OEM nameplate performance.