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Multi Brand Heat Exchanger Service
Tranter plate heat exchanger regasketing service 

Plates are regasketed with OEM replacement gaskets and OEM-spec adhesives.


Tranter plate heat exchanger gaskets prevent short service life 

Non-OEM gaskets will cost you! The substitute gasket shown failed in less than 3 months, resulting in unplanned downtime and excessive maintenance costs.


Tranter plate heat exchangers service brochure
Tranter Service Centers offer comprehensive service on all brands of heat exchangers. Download the .pdf

Multi-Brand Heat Exchanger Service


OEM Value

Whatever brands of plate heat exchangers are installed in your facility, they originally started up delivering OEM nameplate performance. Tranter Service Centers want to ensure that you continue to enjoy nameplate performance. Our fast, economical and reliable service means minimal downtime for your exchanger and reliable protection for your equipment.


That’s why we offer OEM quality replacement parts and service for every plate heat exchanger in your facility, including Alfa Laval, APV, GEA, Graham, Sentry, Sondex, Mueller, Polaris and others as well as Tranter, with genuine Tranter OEM replacement parts and service for all of our units.


For Tranter exchangers, you get even more. We use your heat exchanger serial number to verify its original design conditions—the only authorized source for confirmation. For failed units:

  • We verify your current operation to discover causes of gasket deterioration, swelling or cracking before replacing them

  • We recommend the correct gasket bonding method for new gaskets to remedy cracking and leakage

  • We obtain correct closing specifications to prevent any recurrence of over-tightening and damaged plates


With Tranter and its authorized service facilities, you can always be sure that you get the right gaskets, the right plates, the friendliest service and our OEM Guarantee.



Locations And Contacts

Obtain the location of your nearest Tranter Service Center here, and enter the contact information in your CMMS or ERP system for ready access if a need arises.


 Tranter Service Center plate heat exchanger refurbishing

Competitor’s exchanger before (left) and after refurbishing.