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Plate Heat Exchanger Service

Tranter Service Center technicians train customer heat exchanger maintenance personnelTranter Service Center technicians can train customer maintenance personnel on such procedures as confirming the correct closing dimensions for individual exchangers.


Tranter Service Centers replacement plate pack stocking plans fill immediate needsUnder Tranter’s PM Service Program, Tranter can stock replacement plate packs ready for immediate need.


 Tranter Service Center personnel can audit heat exchanger performance

Service Center personnel can audit the performance of every exchanger in your facility and make recommendations for best practices efficiency and control.



Plate Heat Exchanger Management Services


Heat Exchanger Experts Provide Training

In addition to repair, our Service Center heat exchanger experts can provide your operations and maintenance teams with training and advice toward attaining maximum possible performance and uptime. Training services include:

  • Resolution of operational issues
  • Top to bottom maintenance procedures
  • Help with design, testing, development and implementation of an effective preventative maintenance program


Our specialists will help your people structure maintenance records particularly for process-critical exchangers, aimed at tracking mean time between necessary service. This process enables scheduling of maintenance procedures before unplanned downtime is likely to occur.


Service Contracts

Tranter also offers a Preventive Maintenance Service Program, a flexible way to maintain your heat exchangers and make your maintenance costs minimal and predictable. This individually crafted contract program offers substantial cost savings over unscheduled emergency service. Included is the assurance of a job done right with our in-shop plate pack refurbishment, covered by the Tranter Service Centers’ limited one-year OEM Guarantee on workmanship and materials.


The following are highlights of the plan:

  • A specified number of scheduled plate pack service calls on covered units, based on the needs of your operation
  • Change-out of existing plate packs with refurbished plate packs from Tranter inventory
  • All labor for opening, servicing and closing the unit
  • Refurbishing of your removed plate packs, including plate cleaning, inspection and new gasket installation
  • Maintaining your inventory of spare plate packs
  • Because it’s scheduled service—an attractive price


With a Tranter PM Service Program you minimize costs of:

  • Emergency service and downtime
  • Potential substandard repairs
  • Excessive startup-related energy consumption and off-grade production



If you suspect that your energy efficiency and thermal process control are not what they should be, a Tranter Service Center team can pinpoint the causes with an on-site Heat Exchanger Audit. Our personnel investigate leaks and other problems and determine the action necessary to minimize downtime.


Here is what they do:

  • Collect or measure operating data for each of your heat exchangers
  • Compare this with your design process data
  • Note any variances
  • Investigate causes of variances, ranging from capacity/throughput changes, control issues, misapplied exchangers to maintenance needs
  • Recommend remedies to bring performance to best practices efficiency and control


If exchanger misapplication or maintenance needs are indicated as causes, the Tranter team will provide you with an alternate exchanger configuration that will resolve the issue, or a cost-efficient PM Service Program to address maintenance issues.


Tranter Service Centers carry a ready inventory of gaskets and replacement plates


Tranter Service Centers carry a ready inventory of gaskets and replacement plates based on the installed base in the Center’s service area and the PM Service Contracts it fulfills.