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Shell & Plate Welded Heat Exchangers
Tranter multi-duty Shell & Plate exchanger as a gas sweetening interchanger

This multi-duty, multi-pass interchanger is used in amine-mediated gas sweetening.

Tranter Shell & Plate exchangers as ammonia stripper condensate economizers

Individual exchangers can be piped together for increased thermal length. Shown are ammonia stripper condensate economizers in a fertilizer plant. 

Tranter two-in-one Shell & Plate exchanger as an ammonia stripper vent condenser
This ammonia stripper vent condenser, which successfully replaced a leaking welded block-type exchanger, has a two removable cores sharing a single shell

Welded Heat Exchangers - Shell & Plate

Configurations - Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers

Various optional configurations of the Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger enable this versatile exchanger to meet wide-ranging application needs. Standard and deep-draw plates enable accommodation of flow rate and pressure drop constraints. Oblong plates enable configuration to attain necessary thermal length. The Removable Core exchanger provides full accessibility to the thermal element for inspection and/or mechanical cleaning of the shell side channel by removing the plate pack bundle.

The Multi-Duty exchanger has two separate plate packs that share one shell. These cores can handle different or identical fluids. For flows that require a high flow rate, the two inlets and outlets can be piped together.

Units can be precisely configured for specific requirements, such as cooling without condensing, by employing the Multi-Pass configuration and by grouping plates in pure co-current or counter-current flow duties. The exchanger can also be configured for vertical or horizontal installation.

All these configuration options have combined to make the Tranter Shell & Plate unit attractive to integrators using them on compact skids or process modules. For example, Tranter’s new variant, the Oblong-In-Tube Plate Heat Exchanger(OIT) for refrigeration service, is a compact evaporator and receiver system containing an oblong thermal element. The exchanger enables efficient heat transfer and simultaneous vapor release and separation inside the heat exchanger shell.

Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers in various configurations 

Examples of outstanding shell & plate application versatility (from left): a round-plate R404a- DX-cascade with CO2 collector, large-flow shell-side condenser and a two-in-one, extended thermal length oblong plate interchanger used in gas dehydration skids.