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Prime Surface Heat Exchangers

Tranter PLATECOIL panels as an integral reactor jacketSingle-embossed, curved PLATECOIL panels are fabricated into pressure reactors offering uniform and controlled heat distribution.


Tranter PLATECOIL as clamp-on pipe jacketsClamp-on PLATECOIL pipe jackets help keep viscous fluids moving with reduced pumping costs.

Prime Surface Heat Exchangers

Configure For Jacketing

Configure PLATECOIL as tank, vessel or reactor unit fabrications, and you’ll enjoy what we call “IPF”—Infinite PLATECOIL Flexibility. Among our shapes are tangent bends, pancakes, dished heads, cones and bends around curves…all with precision and dimensional stability unequaled by dimple sheet or pipe fabrications.

Though compact and light in weight, PLATECOIL panels can attain surprisingly high jacket operating pressure ratings. And because they deliver higher flow velocities than other technologies, heat transfer is improved, fouling reduced.

Vessel sides can be easily designed with two or more zones to efficiently satisfy diverse process requirements. Also, panels can be configured as internal baffles or mixers with heat exchanger surfaces for reduced cycle time. Heavy gauge materials and special reinforcing features effectively withstand agitation forces.

Specially configured curved PLATECOIL panels are an economical means of converting existing unjacketed vessels to heated reactors, or of upgrading the thermal capacity of existing reactors. Standard units are available in seven widths and twelve lengths, or in customized variations.

• Jacketed tanks and vessels

• Clamp-on upgrades

• Cryogenic shrouds 

• Drum warmers

• Pipe coolers

• Gas cylinder heaters

• Heavy wall vessels and platens

 Tranter PLATECOIL as a rectangular vat jacket

PLATECOIL clamp-on panels can be fabricated to bend around corners of rectangular vats.

Tranter PLATECOIL as a cooled reactor cone

This rugged PLATECOIL-cooled reactor cone is MIG-welded stainless steel for long years of reliable service.



Tranter PLATECOIL as a cryogenic shroudPLATECOIL panels formed into a cryogenic shroud.



Tranter PLATECOIL as a tank outlet heaterPLATECOIL cone fabrication used to heat a viscous product for economical and efficient handling.


Tranter PLATECOIL as a bulk tank heater

Large viscous liquid tank retrofitted with clamp-on PLATECOIL jacket.