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Mini Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

Tranter Mini-Welded Heat Exchanger flow channelsMAXCHANGER can achieve an extremely close temperature approach of less than 1°C (2°F).



Tranter Mini-Welded Heat Exchanger product rangeThe MAXCHANGER® Mini-Welded Plate Heat Exchanger


MAXCHANGER® Mini-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

When To Consider Mini-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

Consider the MAXCHANGER® Mini-Welded Heat Exchanger wherever you have shell & tube conditions, but have size and weight limitations and concerns about possible leakage. With its ratings to 82.7 barg (1200 psig) and from -140–538°C (-220–1000°F), MAXCHANGER has proven its ability to withstand fatigue-type stresses induced by pressure cycling in steam heating applications. The MAXCHANGER Exchanger can tolerate a maximum differential temperature (hot fluid inlet temperature minus cold fluid inlet temperature) of 538°C (1000°F).

In chemical processing, the MAXCHANGER has proven to be attractive, since it has no gaskets to require maintenance with aggressive fluids. Additionally, the high flow turbulence induced by the dimpled plates makes CIP procedures particularly effective. In marine seawater isolation loops, their compact efficiency makes MAXCHANGER units economical when fabricated in corrosion-resistant titanium.

The MAXCHANGER unit is finding use in electronics, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, off-road equipment and marine duties. The following are some of the applications in which they have found success.

• In chiller or refrigeration systems as both condensers and evaporators

•In chemical processing for sample cooling

• In petrochemicals for alkylation caustic/HF solution heating, occupying only one-third the length of the original shell & tube exchanger, reducing cost and solving corrosion and leakage problems

• On naval ships, titanium-plate units as plastic waste melt coolers using seawater, offering light weight, small space requirements and maintenance-free construction

• On ferries, in a fresh water isolation loop for gas turbine engine lube oil cooling, thanks to their small size and light weight

• In food processing, as leakproof, gasketless mineral oil coolers, in superheated steam sterilizing, instantaneous hot water heating and fresh water chilling (ammonia) for carcass cooling

• In off-road equipment, as compact , no-maintenance engine oil or hydraulic oil coolers

• As engineered package system components, for clean biodiesel, chilled water, glycol systems, Syltherm 800 systems to 427°C (800°F) or Syltherm XLT to -73°C (-100°F), hot thermal oil systems, closed loop isolation systems or TCUs (Temperature Control Units).

Tranter Mini-Welded Heat Exchanger in a heating skidThe MAXCHANGER unit, piped to the far left line, is dwarfed by the rest of this thermal oil heating skid, a testimony to its compact efficiency.​

Tranter Mini-Welded Heat Exchanger connections versatilityThis MAXCHANGER unit (foreground) shows the simplicity of piping and mounting that its compact size makes possible.