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Tranter heat exchangers product range for geothermal and solar energy applications
Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers.

Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger solar energy case history
Solar Case History. Download the .pdf

Tranter PLATECOIL Prime Surface Heat Exchanger brochure 


For PLATECOIL Prime Surface Heat Exchanger general specifications and capabilities, download the brochure .pdf

Efficiency And Cleanability Drive Plate Heat Exchanger Acceptance In New Power

Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers are finding use as:

  • Geothermal source interchangers
  • Feedwater preheaters
  • Condensers and condensate coolers
  • Feedwater preheating
  • Flue gas condensers
  • Vent condensers
  • Lube oil coolers
  • TBG stator intercoolers
  • Blowdown heat recovery
  • Brine heaters

Plate Efficiency Converts Maximum Geothermal Heat Into Electricity

Dry steam, flash steam and binary cycle geothermal power plants can generate usable power when geothermal well water temperature is 175°C (350°F) or higher. The efficiency of Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers puts geothermal heat to maximum use generating electricity. Geothermal source water is cycled through a Tranter Shell & Plate or Plate Heat Exchanger. The cold circuit is feedwater for steam generation.

In binary plants, a second, low-boiling-point fluid is pumped at fairly high pressure 34 bar (500 PSI) through the Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger, where it is vaporized and then directed through a turbine generator. The vapor exiting the turbine is then condensed within a second heat exchanger and cycled back through the first heat exchanger.

Plate Heat Exchanger Cools Turbine Main Bearings At Spanish Solar Power Site

A Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger installed at Europe’s largest solar thermal power facility performs vital oil cooling for the steam turbine’s main bearings.

Read the entire article here

In currently developing technology, Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers hold outstanding potential as:

  • Molten salt heat exchangers
  • Salt/LP steam reheaters
  • Salt/HP steam superheaters
  • Salt/steam generators
  • Salt/feedwater preheaters
  • Condensers and condensate preheaters
Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger in geothermal isolation circuits
A Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger can take a geothermal source and serve a steam generator in an isolation circuit or through a binary circuit.

Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger in solar energy turbogenerator bearing oil cooling
A Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger regulates turbogenerator main bearing lubricant temperature for a major European solar energy installation.

Tranter PLATECOIL banks as bulk tank heaters
Tranter PLATECOIL Prime Surface Heat Exchanger as tank heater.