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Tranter heat exchanger product range for biofuels plants
Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers.

Tranter heat exchangers fuel ethanol applications brochure
Fuel Ethanol Applications Brochure. Download the .pdf

Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger ethanol plant case history
Ethanol Plant Case History. Download the .pdf

Optimizing Thermal Integration And Maintenance

Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers are particularly suited for the realities of biofuels processes:

  • High flow rates
  • High-solids liquids
  • Gas phase flows

They deliver high uptime performance, while their superior heat transfer efficiency reduces fuel costs. Specifying Tranter heat exchangers in new plant designs or retrofits is key to reducing operating costs.

Heating And Interchanging Using Surplus Heat Reduces Steam Consumption

Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers

extract and apply heat from dryer exhaust or other high- or low-grade surplus heat sources to reduce boiler fuel bills, applying surplus heat to:

  • Boiler feedwater
  • Feedstocks and intermediates: juice, mash, fatty acids; methanol/catalyst, glycerol, glycerol/biodiesel

Highly Efficient Biomass Dryer And Reactor Heating

Air heaters serving biomass dryers can be fabricated using PLATECOIL Prime Surface Banks with steam-saving efficiency. Dryer shells and internal agitators can also be fabricated from PLATECOIL Prime Surface panels.

Heated vessels used in acid hydrolysis cellulosic cooking can be fabricated using PLATECOIL Prime Surface heating banks as immersion heaters. These include both first- and second-stage hydrolysis vessels and acid reconcentrator towers. Their even heating prevents under- or over-heating of process flows.

Coolers Control Process Quality, Prevent Degradation And Protect Equipment

The low hold-up volume and fast response of Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers cools and precisely controls temperature of mash, beer, column bottoms, fatty acids, ethanol, condensate and lube oil for rotating machinery.

Complete Condensation Saves Energy and Boosts Throughput

Either Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers or Shell & Plate units serve as condensers and vent condensers for ethanol, syrup, methanol and turbine exhaust steam. Their efficiency and response promotes complete condensation for better throughput and impressive energy savings.

Efficient Bulk Tank Heating Keeps Viscous Fluids Flowing Year Round

The natural convective heating induced by PLATECOIL banks keeps the entire contents  evenly heated without scorching. It also reduces steam consumption. Suction heaters can perform the same function, while reducing pumping energy requirements.

Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger as a cook water economizer/preheater
A Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger, employed as an economizer/preheater within the cooking heating circuit, uses low-grade surplus heat streams to reduce steam consumption in the cook water heater.

Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger as an ethanol vapor condenser
A Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger with wide-gap plates configured as a condenser liquifies 95% ethanol vapor from the distillation column. Plates in a wide/narrow arrangement balance the flow rate in the cooling liquid and ethanol vapor channels.

Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers in biodiesel manufacturing
Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers operate in duties such as coolers and reboilers in biodiesel manufacturing.

Tranter PLATECOIL banks as biodiesel bulk tank heaters
Tranter PLATECOIL Prime Surface Heat Exchanger Banks configured as bulk tank heaters or suction heaters keep the entire contents evenly heated without scorching and reduce steam consumption.