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Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers for nuclear power applications
Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers.

Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers for nuclear Power applications
Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers.

Closed Cooling Loops Around Steam Generators

Tranter patented plate heat exchanger technology addresses the special demands posed by nuclear power applications. Our application engineers can optimize the thermal and hydraulic design to bring you the best blend of cost-efficiency, performance, compact size and reduced maintenance requirements.

Efficiency and ease of maintenance mark the versatility of Tranter Heat Exchangers in nuclear power applications:

  • Closed loop system coolers
  • Spent fuel pool coolers
  • Lube oil coolers
  • Seal water coolers
  • Condensate coolers and heaters
  • Reactor drain and LP feedwater heat exchangers

Tranter fabricates in accordance with all major design codes, specifically ASME Section VIII Division 1 with U stamp, and PED 97/23/EU with CE stamp. All Tranter manufacturing centers worldwide are certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers for nuclear steam generator cooling loops

Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers bring high cooling capacity to closed loop systems and spent fuel pool coolers.

Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers for nuclear turbogenerator thermal control applications

In the power house, Tranter plate heat exchangers save space and reduce maintenance as turbogenerator condensate coolers, lube oil coolers and stator intercoolers.