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Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers.

Large-capacity, large-flow plate heat exchangers remove heat efficiently in power station closed cooling loops. Download the .pdf

Optimizes Closed Loop Cooling Efficiency

Reduces Pumping Load And Saves Space

A Midwest USA power station on the Ohio River has installed Tranter GXD-085 plate heat exchangers in several closed cooling loops. These large-capacity, large-flow exchangers employ the latest technologies in both plate design and in flow configurations. Their configuration with Tranter’s diagonal flow path option optimizes overall heat transfer efficiency while minimizing energy losses in the power station’s large-flow-rate, closed cooling loops.

The close temperature approach of these highly efficient exchangers reduces the volume of cooling water or glycol required to keep various types of equipment within operating temperature specifications. Less volume means less flow and reduced pumping energy demand, which saves power and fuel. This means better thermal efficiency throughout the power station and improved net power output to the cooperatives.

Another benefit is the compact footprint of the highly efficient Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger. These units can fit in very tight boiler house spaces and make pipefitting and service much simpler tasks. These units can even be assembled in place after delivery of component pieces through manways.

Where application conditions exceed the capabilities of gaskets, the Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger is a proven alternative, providing significant cooling volume and footprint advantages over conventional shell & tube units.

Download the complete case history.

Other Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger Applications In Power Generation

  • Blow Down Coolers (from steam generator/boiler, from cooling tower)
  • Turbine Lube Oil Coolers
  • Compressor Motor Oil Coolers
  • Feedwater Pump Lube Oil Coolers
  • Seal Water Coolers (at various pumps)
  • Transformer Oil Coolers
  • Condensate Trim Coolers
  • Low Pressure Feed Water (condensate) Heaters
  • Gland Steam Condensers (steam turbine seal)
  • Amine or Ammonia Solution Heat Exchangers (Wet Flue Gas Cleaning)
  • HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) Cross Exchangers

Tranter’s diagonal flow path option optimizes plate heat exchanger overall heat transfer efficiency while minimizing energy losses in large-flow-rate, closed cooling loops.