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Tranter heat exchangers for fossil fuel power generation
Tranter Heat Exchanger product range

Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers.

Tranter power plant closed loop cooling case history

Closed loop cooling at coal fired power plant in US. Download the .pdf

Shell & Plate Exchangers Serve In Both HRSG And Condensing Low- Or Intermediate-Pressure Steam To Preheat Boiler Feedwater

A Tranter Shell & Plate Heat exchanger takes low- or intermediate-pressure steam from the turbines, condensing it and sending hot condensate to the deaerator to remove corrosive oxygen from the boiler feedwater. The latent energy in the steam is used to preheat the boiler feedwater. The high heat transfer rate afforded by the corrugated plates provides good condensation performance, while transferring the maximum heat to the boiler feedwater, all accomplished with good circulation and flow rates across flexible flow ranges.

Plate Heat Exchangers Excel As Diesel Lube Oil Coolers

Diesel lube oil is expensive, so the smaller the hold-up volume consistent with good cooling, the better for system economy. Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers offer outstanding efficiency, meaning their hold-up volume is impressively low. Their thin-gauge corrugated plates remove heat rapidly, preserving oil lubricating quality. At the same time, they tolerate cooling water without scaling or fouling. Plus, their compact size enables them to fit easily into existing footprints and minimize installed floor space.

Heat Exchangers For Carbon Dioxide Capture

Tranter heat exchangers are installed in clean coal carbon dioxide capture processes in Europe and the USA. Among these applications are:

  • Lean/Rich Amine Interchanger (PHE)
  • Lean Amine Cooler (PHE)
  • Stripper Overhead Condenser (PHE)
  • Stripper Reboiler (S&P)
  • Water Wash Coolers (PHE)
  • Stripper Water Recirculation Cooler (PHE)
  • Anti-Surge Cooler (S&P)
  • Lean Amine Evaporator (S&P)
  • Amine Heaters (S&P)
  • Steam Vent Condenser (S&P)
  • Amine Cooler (Spiral)
  • Amine Heater (Spiral)

Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers for condensing and feedwater preheating
Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers provide reliable low- or intermediate-pressure condensation, while preheating cool feedwater. 

Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger provides reliable cooling of diesel engine generator set lube oil, and also a variety of fuel-savin

The Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger provides reliable cooling of diesel engine generator set lube oil, and also a variety of fuel-saving heat recovery and feedwater preheating duties.

Tranter heat exchangers used in clean coal carbon capture technologies
Tranter exchangers are being used as amine interchangers, coolers, condensers, reboilers and evaporators in leading edge clean coal carbon capture technologies.