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Oil And Gas Production - Special demand on Heat Exchangers

Oil and gas upstream processing places special demands on heat exchangers. Such equipment must not only withstand corrosive and erosive media, two-phase mixtures, extreme pressures and temperatures, but also be extremely compact. Tranter offers a wide range of gasketed, welded and spiral heat exchangers, proven to meet the toughest customer requirements. Our customers include leading oil and gas companies such as Shell, ExxonMobil, British Petroleum, ChevronTexaco and TOTAL.

Tranter Heat Exchanger product range for oil and gas production

Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers.


Tranter oil & gas applications brochure

Oil & Gas Applications Brochure. Download the brochure .pdf

Whether Oil Patch, FPSOs Or Offshore Platforms:


Special Demands Require Special Solutions

Tranter has applied plate heat exchangers, shell & plate exchangers, prime surface ex-changers and spiral exchangers worldwide in demanding production duties. We have brought to the market a series of advantages:

  • A broad spectrum of high performance plate technologies

  • Finely tailored thermal and hydraulic design

  • Optimized performance, reduced investment costs and minimized footprint and weight

  • Compact solutions for FPSOs and platforms reduce dead weight, especially crit-ical for upper deck or topside duties

  • Elimination of plugging in viscous crude heating or heat recovery applications

Detailed Application Engineering And Documentation

For heat exchanger units in critical service, Tranter can provide all major types of calculations and stability analysis, including motion load, wind load, seismic load, nozzle load and even detailed finite element analysis calculations if required. A dedicated Document Control Department produces documents in accordance with the most stringent of customer requirements.

Tranter fabricates in accordance with all major design codes, specifically:

  • ASME Section VIII Division 1 with U stamp
  • PED 97/23/EU with CE stamp
  • API 662 / ISO 15547

All Tranter manufacturing centers worldwide are certified according to ISO 9001:2000.

Global Service Coverage

Efficient operation is the key to optimum return of investment. Service centers located worldwide are ready to assist with:

  • OEM plates, gaskets and assembled plate packs
  • Cleaning services
  • Replacement units

Tranter sources systems close to major onshore and offshore production and refining areas, minimizing lead-time and freight for accommodating tight project schedules. With Tranter authorized service, you can always be sure that you get the right gaskets, the right plates and our OEM Guarantee. This ensures that the heat exchanger fulfils the original standards as well as the new common European Pressure Vessel Code, PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) highlighting the use of genuine parts regarding health and safety requirements.