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Tranter heat exchanger product range for special marine applications
Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers.

Tranter heat exchangers Americas marine applications brochure
Marine Applications Brochure (Americas). Download the brochure .pdf

Tranter heat exchangers European marine applications brochure
Marine Applications Brochure (Europe). Download the brochure .pdf

Plate Heat Exchangers Simplify Thermal Operations In A Variety Of Special Marine Duties

Consider Tranter Heat Exchangers for a range of special duties, for example:

  • Deck heaters for direct cargo or bunker fuel heating
  • Plastic waste processing/size reduction
  • Topsides de-icing
  • Lube oil cooling (steam turbine, diesel or gas turbine power)
  • FPSO process applications

MGO Coolers Raise Viscosity To Protect Engine Lubrication With Low-Sulfur Fuels

Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers use chiller media to cool low-sulfur marine gas oil fuel to the point where its viscosity increases, providing the correct lubricity to meet the requirements of marine diesel engine manufacturers. This avoids the need to apply costly viscosity enhancement additives. In most cases, this means cooling the fuel to 20°C (68°F) or less. Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers offer both cost and performance benefits in this application:

  • Compact size, often critical for retrofits located in constricted machinery spaces
  • Low hold-up volume for fast response in maintaining the control temperature to protect lubricity without over-cooling
  • Easy maintenance within its own footprint

Cargo Heating Systems Offer Benefits Over Linear Pipe Coil In Cost, Performance And Durability

Tranter immersion prime surface heat exchanger banks are a perfect combination of performance and economy improvement over pipe coil-based cargo and bunker fuel heating systems. Consider the benefits:

  • Rugged, high-strength design: reduced weight with factory-made quality assurance
  • Pre-assembled banks save onsite shipyard pipefitting labor costs
  • Reduced energy consumption through higher heat transfer efficiency
  • Rapid, uniform heating through natural convection
  • Shorter heating and cargo handling times
  • Not susceptible to flow-induced vibration, vibration-induced fatigue cracking, waterhammer and condensate blocking

Cargo heating and bunker fuel suction heater engineered packages are available in carbon and stainless steel, titanium and higher alloys, conforming to codes issued by ABS, GL, LRS, NK, BV, DNV, RINA, KR, CCS and RS.

Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers for viscosity control of low-sulfur marine gas oil fuel
Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers control the viscosity of low-sulfur marine gas oil fuel to meet engine manufacturer’s requirements for lubricity and effective lubrication.

Tranter PLATECOIL Prime Surface Heat Exchangers for bulk cargo heating and as bunker fuel suction heaters
Tranter pre-engineered bulk cargo heating systems and bunker fuel suction heaters (inset) cost less and perform better than linear pipe coil-based shipyard fabrications.

Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger footprint vs. equivalent duty shell & tube exchanger
When shown alongside an equivalent thermal duty shell & tube exchanger, the Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger demonstrates the true meaning of compact heat transfer.

Tranter PLATECOIL Prime Surface Heat Exchanger bulk cargo heating application note
Bulk Cargo Heating Application Note. Download the .pdf