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Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger in propane recovery case history
Case History on Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger improving propane recovery and reducing sales gas gross heating value. Download the .pdf

Compact Skid-Mounted Exchanger Increases Propane Recovery While Reducing Footprint

An Oklahoma-based pipeline had to reduce the gross heating value (GHV) of its sales gas to a contractual maximum. With increasing production, it became necessary to reduce the chilling temperature to condense more of the propane and heavier components from the gas. This could not be done without changing the refrigeration compression and equipment to operate in the vacuum, which was extremely costly and not practical. A more cost-efficient approach was sought.

Modeling showed that adding another exchanger downstream of the chiller could reduce gas temperature to improve the propane recovery from 3 to 5% and lower the GHV of the sales gas. However, installing a shell & tube exchanger would require a major reconstruction of the original skid because of space limitations. Tranter’s solution for the existing skid open area of approximately 1 m2 (10 ft2) was a Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger with a footprint of only 0.5 m2 (5 ft2).

After installation, the exchanger improved propane recovery by 13%, resulting in a reduction of the sales gas GHV by 2%, to contractual levels.

Download the complete case history here.Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger as propane condenserThis Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger, with a footprint of only 0.5 m2 (5 ft2), improved propane recovery by 13% without additional refrigeration.